Q: Are day and evening classes available for both the 3-month and 6-month classes?

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     A: Yes. However, due to limited classroom space, if they are in session at the same time the 3-month class is usually the daytime class.
    A: Most of our instructors have over 30 years or more working in the field and at east 20 years in providing instruction to students.

    Q: Is there a good amount of shop time to do hands-on instruction?

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     A: About 70% of your time will be in the shop. At the beginning of each teaching module, more classroom time is required to understand the theory. Our goal is preparing you for the workplace, and we believe that can only be achieved through practical hands-on learning.
     A: Classes are offered on Monday thru Friday, and Saturday if needed.
     A: Yes, Funding partners provide scholarships to qualified individuals.
     A: To qualify for a refund, you must withdraw before 7 days of classes have occurred.
     A: There is no experience required.
    A: You will receive Job placement assistance and a National Certifications.
     A: Online classes are not being offered at this time.
     A: We do not guarantee field trips. 
    A: Personal tools are not needed for training. We have all the tools needed for proper training.